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Mens Accessories

Elbow Pads (Black) Chameleon -29%
Elbow pads is designed to maximize the preservation the integrity of the elbow. The pad is a Cup located on the outer part of the elbow and is made of hard plastic. Inside the Cup is located a cushioning strip of a soft material that assumes (and the..
291 грн 208 грн
Elbow Pads (Olive) Chameleon -29%
tactical Elbow pads are a uniform size, held in place by two straps of Velcro, the length of which can be adjusted. Inside the elbow pads are filled with foam gasket, elastic structure which allows you to absorb the impact, making the fall less painf..
232 грн 166 грн
Knife Ganzo G723 Chameleon -29%
Knife Ganzo G723 combines reliability, practicality and beautiful design. Powerful blade, comfortable handle, secure lock and high quality materials make the knife appealing to a wide range of users. Low price and high build quality are the character..
926 грн 661 грн
Brand: Ganzo
Knife Ruike P841-L Chameleon -29%
Model P841-L brand Ruike is a real find for lovers of quality knives. One of the main advantages of this model is the smoothness of operation due to the use of special bearings. This solution allows to quickly bring the knife to its working position ..
1,446 грн 1,033 грн
Knife Sog autoclip Chameleon -29%
the SOG AutoClip is a simple and inexpensive skladnik average. The knife had a hand in Blacky Collins (Blackie Collins) – world famous designer of knives. the Knife provided with a blade-type "Bowie". The length of the sharpened par..
867 грн 619 грн
Multifunctional knife Eddie Bauer Blue Chameleon -29%
multifunctional Knife Eddie Bauer Blue from the famous American brand Eddie Bauer. Multi-tool companion for hikes and picnics, hunting and fishing. It involves most frequently used in everyday life tools. Compact with comfortable grip.  a Fe..
368 грн 263 грн
Hatchet SOG Tactical Tomahawk Chameleon -29%
the Hatchet SOG TACTICAL TOMAHAWK is a modern version of a classic American hatchet made of durable steel 420  with Hardcased coating of the tip and a handle made of fiberglass reinforced nylon. Designed shape and dimensions of the axe allow you..
2,062 грн 1,473 грн
Lantern 5.11 TMT A1 Flashlight Black Chameleon -29%
Tactical flashlight "5.11 TMT A1 Flashlight" is a quick, focused, powerful and reliable light source. It is indispensable for the implementation of the tactical operations of any complexity. Also it can be used in everyday life and self-def..
1,143 грн 816 грн
Brand: 5.11
Flashlight Klarus P1A Black Chameleon -29%
Flashlight Klarus P1A is made on the basis of the led CREE XP-G R5 LED and is capable of delivering a luminous flux of 150 lumens, which is enough for a beam that shoots at 100 meters. And all this from a single AA size battery. In maximum mode the f..
998 грн 713 грн
Brand: Klarus
Nitecore Sens mini Chameleon -29%
Very small led flashlight naklyuchny Nitecore SENS Mini. Flashlight Nitecore SENS Mini is based on a 1 (one) American led Cree XP-G R5, by which the maximum power reaches 170 lumens. Has 3 modes of operation. As the battery led flashlight Nitecore SE..
927 грн 662 грн
Brand: Nitecore
Light Police 12v 168-XPE.zoom.spikes AK.18650 Chameleon -29%
the Lantern is protected against the ingress of dust and water. Will be indispensable for fishing, hunting and tourism. Has a convenient cylindrical form.   Features:   Luminous flux: 1000 lumens; Light source: led; Case material:..
457 грн 327 грн
Brand: Police
Light Police 811-6SMD.USB pover bank. mount on the forehead Chameleon -29%
Headlamp flashlight with external battery. On the side surface located the USB connectors and micro USB. Waterproof, shockproof, energy saving. Recharged by USB port via cable.   Features:   Type of bulb: Led Case material: Anodize..
337 грн 240 грн
Brand: Police
Mens Accessories

Tactical Neck Warmers, Caps, Panama Business card from the Chameleon TM

Planning to buy a Tactical Neck Warmers, Caps, Panama Business card from the best manufacturers Chameleon? Now you can easily find the Tactical Neck Warmers, Caps, Panama, and business card holders to buy in our Voentorg CHAMELEON.ua without overpayments, acts fast delivery in Ukraine.
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