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Neck Warmer

Neckwarmer Fleece Wrap Gray is a premium product from Chameleon(). Neckwarmer Fleece Wrap Gray you find in Neck Warmers...
132 грн
Brand: Chameleon
Neck Warmer

Buy buff, World, Europe

Buff is a universal accessory, a kind of headgear that has appeared on the market recently, but has already managed to become as popular as possible. A buff can serve not only as a scarf, but also as a bandana, windstopper, balaclava, mask or hat. Demand for this product is especially growing in the cold season. Not surprisingly, the winter buff is an interesting alternative to a regular scarf. Moreover, in a particularly severe frost, the buff can be pulled to the very eyes, thus protecting the face and ears from the cold.

Buy winter buff in Chameleon

In our online store Chameleon presents quality buffs of our production. The material of the product has several advantages, namely:

    excellent thermoregulation, which in turn guarantees heat without moisture retention on the skin surface;
    elasticity, due to which there will be no stiffness of movements;
    hypoallergenic, which prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions;
    high density, which makes the accessory warm enough.

You can buy a winter buff in Kiev and pick it up yourself. Shipment at own expense is also possible in Zaporizhia. In other cities of Ukraine delivery is carried out by new mail: Lithuania, Latvia, Czech, Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Estonia